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I was quite tentative when my sister told me to talk to ITL Global. I have always worked very hard and saved but I just can’t seem to get ahead. My income after early retirement was not getting me by, I was frustrated and looking for a way out. Not only do I now earn an average 2% a month on my estate, I also unlocked the equity in my property and have been able to use that to pay off the balance of my mortgage!

I run a successful business now, but have built this up on the back of a very rough patch in my life which meant that despite the fact I do quite well for myself, no bank will really look at me for decent banking services and I have to use managed accounts. ITL not only got me private banking with a premier bank, but also connected me with a wealth manager from a FTSE100 company who are helping me get my credit and finances back on track!

So far so good, I’m happy with the service. Trust-worthy, very thorough, on-point and always on the ball! The team are friendly and have great client care!

I work in the city and earn a healthy six-figure income. The money comes in and goes out just as fast. It was after the expert advisors given to me by ITL Global that I know have not only taken the time to learn more about my finances and saving, but also see how I can really ensure that my wealth is secure for life.