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Later Life Planning

With the increasing life expectancy here in the UK and abroad, it’s only natural that we need to start considering the financial implications of a long life after retirement. At ITL Global Wealth, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals throughout your lifetime while giving you the peace of mind of Later Life Planning.

ITL Global Wealth will make sure you have a plan to help you prepare for the future. We can help you lower your inheritance tax exposure, attain the security of a set income should you require long-term care in the future, and enable you to gift your heirs during your lifetime.

Enjoy the key benefits of Later Life Planning:

  • Safely make monetary gifts to your loved ones during your lifetime
  • Reduce or even eliminate exposure to your inheritance tax
  • Arrange a predetermined income for life to help protect against possible care costs
  • Keep control of your assets

If you’re interested in preparing for the future and setting up a Later Life Plan, call us today at 1-800-795-6137.