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Equity Release

The largest asset for many people is their home. Equity release is a method of gaining tax-free monies from your home, and there are two main approaches to accomplish this.

  1. By utilizing a Lifetime Mortgage, you maintain ownership of your property while borrowing a percentage of the property value.
  2. By implementing a Home Reversion Plan, in which you sell a portion or total of your home and receive a lump sum while continuing to live in it.

It is important to understand that all equity release plans reduce your estate’s value.

ITL Global Wealth is committed to helping you understand all of your options for equity release. We have the experience and expertise to find you the best plan for your individual circumstances. Whether you are interested in a lifetime mortgage plan, a home reversion plan, or an impaired health equity release plan, ITL Global Wealth finds the highest quality equity release to help you maximise access to your cash.

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